Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why Can't All Weekends Be 3 Days??

Friday I had plans to go out of town with Craig but the plans changed, so I had a personal day all to myself :) Utter disappointment when I woke up to this....I thought it was SPRING!!

So I continued my day with shopping at Target and meeting up with my Mom for Coffee at Scooters. Craig came home later and surprised me with FRESH Trout. I love every kind of fish from salmon, trout, shrimp, tilapia, catfish...if it is sea food it will be in my stomach.

I enjoyed the trout with some green beans and flat bread. Sorry the pic is a little blurry from the steam. We broiled it in the oven and put Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper on it to season it. Yes, that is is my #1 condiment.

Now, I know my last post was all about me reconsidering my race. I think I have put my foot in my mouth too soon. My blood sugars continued to be stable throughout my workouts on Friday and Saturday. I have just worked so hard and I only have about 5 weeks left of training until I taper. I really think I can do this, but if my blood sugars continue to get worse, then I will simmer down to the 10k. A race is just a race, if I am running I will be happy :)

Saturday was one busy day. I woke up and started my morning with yummy oatmeal and some greek yogurt to top it off before my long run of the week. I mapped out on my calender my runs I would like to complete (long run wise) before the half. I figured after this weekend I still have 5 weeks to go so I ran an 8.5 miler on the treadmill. It was a rockin run, I blame it on the trout..those omega 3's do wonders for my legs. I came home, showered at a delicious lunch of cheese and jelly bread with a HUGE plate of chicken and veggies. Craig and I hit the road to drop off Cooper's at my parents for the night. Once we dropped Cooper off we hit up Cabella's for Craig's desire and then evened it out with a trip to Express to find a cute tee to wear to the Kenny Chesney concert. We stopped and crammed Subway into our bellies, checked into our hotel and were on are way to Kenny by 6:30pm.

The concert of course was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! The openers for the show were Uncle Cracker and Billy Currington. I have had an obsession for Billy since forever, I think most of it is because he resembles Craig with the curly scruffy hair. Craig was such an awesome boyfriend, he sat by me through the entire concert and had a blast and he watched me basically worp into my teeny bopper self for a few hours. Afterwords, we hit up downtown Omaha and went to a nearby sport's bar for a few drinks. Now here is some juicy gossip, Craig and I were talking and out of nowhere came the question "Do you want to go look at rings sometime soon?" Do I want to, um HELLO YES! Craig and I often talk about marriage frequently, but it is nice to know now that the ring will be coming soon :) We have only been together for almost two years, but it seems as if the older you are the more people bug you about not being married yet....we are on our own time and I am happy the way things are moving.

Eventually here I am going to get off my lazy being and go do some light cross training at the gym and the rest of the evening will be spent blogging and catching up on the Teen Mom marathon on tv. I can say this 3 day weekend was just a tease for me, keeps me pumping through the weeks till summer when I can have...wait I won't have weekends because my whole week is the weekend! So I hope you are enjoying your either productive or lazy Sunday and I will leave you with this (blurry sorry) but sexy pic of Kenny.

Questions: Do you like rushed weekends being productive and knocking things off your to do list, or do you prefer to be lazy and do your productive errands on during the week?

I enjoy knocking things out on the weekends, so during the week I can come home and enjoy myself after a long day of work and working out.

What is your favorite kind of seafood?

Every kind for me!!


  1. I love having lazy weekends and I could really use one! We moved on Friday so this weekend has been spent unpacking! Yuck! Glad to be settled though!

  2. I usually end up with lazy weekends but I like them to be productive, I feel so much more accomplished!
    Seafood--yum, basically everything I will eat if it's in front of me! :)