Friday, March 4, 2011

What a Run Can Do

So like I have been saying, mentally this week has been a tough one. With Cooper, moving more junk in and out of apartments, and being a crazy week at school I was mentally burned out when I came home last night.
Yesterday I opted to take my rest day because I had the day off today and wanted to hit my 9 miler. The morning started out a little rough, Craig let the dog out because he was barking so I woke up to about 100 of my pictures thrown on the floor, several chewed to threads and dog do do all over the carpet. Craig walks out and is like "What is all the noise?" Then he sees the mess, whoops. Yeah whoops is right!
Luckily once I hit that treadmill all my worries flew out the door. Starting off I had a great run, I kept my pace at 10:10-10:20 the entire run and finished the 9 miles I had planned. Its amazing how an hour and half of running can just clear your mind of everything and it is a brand new day.
After my run I headed over to get my hair highlighted and now I am about ready to go and eat sushi at Blue with a couple of my friends.
Reading The Hungry Girl's Blog she admitted to a couple of confessions and I thought I would give some a try:
Confession #1: I buy way more than I need. I think sometimes I feel like there might be a depression or something and I have to stock up. Even if I already have 10 cans of tuna at home, I will still feel the need to buy more the next time I am at the store. I am working on this with the help of Craig.

Confession #2: I can wear the same pair of socks for a week straight. I am working on trying to wash them right after I wear them, but if know one can see them....who cares?

Confession #3: Sometimes I waste my time driving just to listen to music and zone out. I can drive for an extra half hour just thinking about things. I try to be more careful about this right now because of the high gas prices.

Confession #4: I re-check out old Runner's World issues monthly that I don't own from the local library. I think they know me by name now.

On another note, I was pretty happy last night when Craig came home and I was searching on my phone maps to run around the area. (Yes we still don't have the internet set up and the running watch I ordered from Amazon is too complicated to figure out at the came wtih no instructions) Anyways, Craig actually sat down and helped me. Don't get me wrong, Craig is the BEST boyfriend, supports me, takes care of me, and adores me in every possible way. But, when it comes to running he is not so sold on the idea. He ran cross country in highschool and really banged up his knees. He does not see the desire of wanting to run for hours in a day. I don't blame him, I find no desire in standing in a tree stand waiting to hunt deer To each it's own. He is also not sold on it because he knows the trouble I had before with running and how it I came down with Mono. He is just weary and does not want it to become an unhealthy obbsession with me.
The fact of the matter is, I was so happy that he sat down with me and tried for about an hour searching for routes for me to run. It just shows that even though he does not agree with the running, he is still going to accept it :) Awww :)

Question: Do you and your signifigant other have opposite hobbies? If so, do you find time to spend on each hobby or stick to doing your own?

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  1. Great post! I am glad that you felt better after your run! That sucks that the dog made a mess! My spouse and I have different interests but I think we're pretty good at doing things for both of us. I have a cheerleader at every race, so it works for me :)