Tuesday, March 8, 2011

All About Chels

The ABC's of Chelsea

A-Always on time or at least 15 minutes early for everything, TYPE A, Attemping a Half Marathon now

B-Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day (I eat three times in the morning-before I work out, afterwords, and right when I get to school) Born in Iowa, Blair is where I live now

C-Craig is my wonderful loving boyfriend, country music lover

D-dishes have to be done before I leave the house at all time

E-enjoys wasting away my evening with blogging and reading

F-first running race was a 5 mile run for Charity

G-Great at giving advice, not well at taking it

H-Hope to one day complete a marathon

I-Ice Cream favorite is Cold Stone Cookie Dough

J-Junk food favorites consist of ice cream blizzards, pizza and wine

K-Karaoke, love it but horrible at it

L-Loves four wheeling on the river

M-Morning person as opposed to night

N-Never wears heels to work, too lazy from the gym , Nike Tempo short lover (I want all the colors) Neon color lover

O-Out of bed every morning of the week to start my workouts by 4:30am, Oatmeal obsessed

P-Pet named Cooper, Golden and very cute :) , Peanut butter a must

Q-Question my hair sometimes when it is left curly, looks like a afro

R-Remembers memories by taking pictures

S-Students are my number one priority, hence I am an Elementary Teacher, Sea food lover, shop aholic, sushi obsessed, shoe fetish

T-Top Gun is my favorite movie

U-Uses a computer to keep a dairy, goes back several years

V-Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday

W-Wine Nights=Saturday nights :)

X-X Ray I have never had, knock on wood

Y-Yellowfin Tuna I can eat always

Z-Zero degrees to 100 degrees, Nebraska weather

Just thought you would like to know a little bit about me!!

Well March is here, but the March weather sure is not. They are talking 1-4 inches of snow tonight, really??? I started the week off with a stellar 6 mile run on the treadmill yesterday morning. The run was hard to start, legs stiff, but somewhere near mile four my legs kicked in. That is one thing I have noticed about my running, I am always slow and stiff to start but around 3 or 4 miles, my legs FINALLY start to warm up.

Some things irked me this past weekend....

1. Craig and I went out to a fancy dinner in downtown Omaha. Well I had ordered a main salad along with Ahi Tuna added on it. Craig ordered Prime Rib. About an hour later, the manager comes up to tell us that they are out of the Prime Rib and they could substitute it for the steak. Craig agrees. Another 1/2 hour goes by and finally are meal comes. I kid you not, I had tuna with like three pieces of lettuce. Usually we are not the couple to complain, but we paid 12 bucks for a salad plus the cost of tuna. If I would have never ordered the tuna, I would have just had the three pieces of lettuce. It was pretty ridiculous, it taught us why we prefer Applebee's and Panara to restaurants like this!

2. The second thing that irked me this weekend was Craig mentioned we have a wedding across town on Friday night and a birthday celebration on Saturday night, which means two nights of staying at other places, and two nights probably not making it to bed till after 1. Immediately I thought "What about my scheduled 10 miler for Saturday?' I started to complain and ask Craig if I could get out of the wedding reception so I could do my run. Not the right thing to do! We started to talk about how running should not control my life. There will be next weekend, an he reminded me that I am a head of schedule on my plan anyways. I was very mad at myself. A time ago I always put running in place of my friends, family and other social events. I told myself I would never start that again. Running is a part of me, NOT ME. So I have coaxed myself to death saying that it is not a big deal and I can run my 10 miler next weekend, I find it hard to think that skimping on one long run when I still have about 8 weeks to train is going to set me back.


Have you ever had a bad eating experience?

Do you ever let running control your life, if so how do you learn to balance (because I need advice, I am still learning!)


  1. Nice post! It is definitely hard sometimes to balance everything but I think you just have to remind yourself that one missed workout is not the end of it. I think that if you hit MOST of your training targets you'll be in great shape for the race.

  2. Oh girl, I know exactly what you mean. My husband gets so mad at me for making running a priority. It's really hard to balance the two because he'd rather me spend the time with him and there's no way he'll ever run with me.
    I started running while he was doing something else. So if he takes a nap or goes to the store, that's my cue to get it done. I'm more of a night time runner too so that makes it even harder!
    Thanks for visiting over in my neck of woods, btw. :-)

  3. P.S. Your about page makes me want to cut my hair short again. Can your hair be cuter? No. It can not.