Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rethinking my Race

So as all of you know, I have my half planned on the 15th of May. One of the main reasons why I signed up for a half is because I love to run and I love a challange. But...for some reason this training has taken the fun out of the run for me. I have dealt in the past with issues of becoming obbessed with exercise. It is still something today that I struggle with. For the past month or so I have been so determined to hit my miles that I have skipping out on weekend events, and in return dreading the long run that holds before me.

I love running, but for me I love the 7-8 miler as oppossed to the 10-11 miler. So I ask myself again, why am I doing this half if I hate running longer distances, to prove something? Well that could be the case, but who do I have this to prove to besides myself. My friends and family are going to love me no matter if I run a Half Marathon or a 10k. They know my desire to run is high, and that I am dedicated to running. So yes, you can see where this is going....I think I am going to be changing my race to a 10k.

Another factor that has played into this decision is that I have dealt with low blood sugar for many years. My blood sugar levels have been very well for the past year up until most recently. I have started to notice a drop in the mornings after and during my workouts. I become shakey and very fatigued. I know there are ways around this, finding different foods that might work, or I might just not be eating enough to fuel my training, or my body is telling me "This is too much!" Having these blood sugar attacks scares the heck out of me and causes me to become very anxious during my workouts. I have dealt with this several times when training for a long distance event, and to be honest each time it has caused me to quit training. This is something I would just not rather deal with.

So yes, my decision is to stick to 10ks. Improve my 10ks and enjoy my weekend 7-8 miler runs. My runs will probably stay the same each week, just decrease my long run on the weekend. Maby one day, I will decide to attempt the half again. I think I just need some time to adapt to increasing my miles itself and move on from there. I love racing and the challange, so this is not considered the end but the beginning.
If anything I feel a little like I did not accomplish what I had set out to do, but than again I have learned in my past to put my health and myself first and then let running come into play.


  1. Fnd the joy in running again!! I know what you mean when training takes the fun out. 10k or 13.1, a race is a race! Do what you love!!!

    I hope you getyour blood sugar levels regualted--that can be scary. I see you are a retired marathoner--what mary's did you run??

  2. Just do what feels right!! Run for fun!!! It is supposed to be fun.

  3. Jess, yes I have done the Omaha Marathon and right after I came down with Mono. Thanks for the encouragement! My blood sugar levels only seem to react once I really bump up my milage...being diabetic runs on my Dad's side of the family so it is kind of a bummer.

  4. I love the fruit options you have listed below for running fuel--I will have to check those out!

    I heard the Omaha mary was TOUGH like really hard and HILLY!

    And, I still believe you should run what brings you joy and happiness! And, ultimately your health is a priority!!

  5. Sounds like you are listening to your body and that is important. And I agree all races regardless of distance are fun and running should be fun! Good luck!!