Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Getting Me Through the Day

Yes folks that is right, sadly it has been one of those days where I am sleep deprived and the only thing that seems to be getting me through this day is my beloved Diet Coke. Last night Craig and I continued to move stuff from his apartment to mine. The temparture dropped pretty low last night and the wind was horrible. Because of this, all night I heard gushes of wind on the side of my apartment. I would be asleep for a half hour and than up again. This continued ALL-NIGHT-LONG. I woke up around 4am on my own due to lack of sleep and took Cooper out. Probably my fault, but the wind was so strong I did not take much time in letting him go to the bathroom.

Headed to the gym and still managed to pull out a 3 mile run, 2 miles on the elliptical and a cool down for a mile on the bike. When I returned home I entered to an apartment smelling of POOH! Cooper had decided not to wait for me to return to the gym and emptied himself in my room. So a couple of minutes later, and three paper towels shoved down the toliet I turn around and there he is peeing on my kitchen floor. Give me a break Coop! Then only, this is the best, to discover he had gotten a-hold of one of my bras and chewed it to shreads :(

So with about three hours of sleep, two potty accidents, a torn up bra I headed to work. Sometimes when your mornings start out this way, the only way the day can go is up. Sleep deprived and all I made it through this afternoon. I had an observation while teaching math that went fairly well. If I have learned anything when it comes to teaching kids, using food as manipulatives keeps their minds busy. We had fun making fractions with M&Ms.

Tonight will consist of moving more boxes from Craig's place to mine and then I am placing my bum on the sofa for some relaxation.

3 Things I Wish for this Wednesday

1. I had a lifetime supply of Diet Coke

2. That my legs recovered better after runs, it is so hard for me to run several days in a row without my legs feeling so fatigued.

3. That I had enough money to pay someone to move and clean for me

Share with me some of your horrific "bad day," experiences


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  1. I hope your day got better!!! And ps- where in nebraska are you from? I have tons of family in Omaha!