Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Excited for What Is To Come

Days like these I can get discouraged, my run was HORRIBLE. Yesterday I stuck to some light cross training work and today I hoped on the treadmill for my usual 5 1/2 miler. The first three miles, great. Then, my legs soon started to feel so heavy and I felt as if I had weights on them holding them down. I finished off the run at 5 miles and jumped on the bike for a five minute cycle. I really think my 10 miler through my body out of whack this weekend, and I need more rest from running than just a day of cross training. After my workout I felt tired, hungry, crabby and sore. This just means:
1. Increase my calorie intake
2. Take a rest day
3. Take a second look at how much running I am doing
So that is exactly what I am going to do. I ate about three extra peices of fruit today added into my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am taking a rest day tomorrow other than walking Cooper after work. Also, not pushing myself to complete two six milers, a three miler and a 10 miler in one week. Don't think my body is quite ready for it yet.
Depending on how I feel on Thursday, I would like to try an outside run for five miles. I am pretty nervous about this because I am seem to always get shin splints when first starting to run outside, and two because I run at 4:30 in the morning, still dark and scary out. Errrrr....we may just have to wait until Saturday when I can run when the sun is out.
In other news SPRING is finally here. 50 degrees today, 60 tomorrow...woot woot I have got spring fever.
This is why I love spring:
-Baseball games
-Running outside in shorts/t-shirts
-My Birthday (April 27th)
-Spring Break (he he he)
-2 1/2 months until summer (he he he)
-Spring cleaning (yes I do enjoy cleaning when it is nice out)
-Being able to take Cooper out and not have to dress for the artic
-Starting to see the green of the world again

What do you like best about Spring?

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  1. I just recently did a post on spring and I love baseball too!!!! And I didn't even mention spring cleaning! I do love that too!