Sunday, March 20, 2011

Made it Outdoors

So yesterday was my first outdoor run since October, I know PATHETIC...but what can I say, when it comes to cold weather I am a big baby. It was a nice 50 degrees outside Saturday Morning. I decided to scale down and not do an 11 miler this weekend, the 10 miler really took a toll on my body last week. I figured I still have about 6 weeks until my half, so I have a some time to get in a 11 miler and a 12 miler. Of course I still have yet to figure out my dang running watch. I purchased a Tech 4 0 Running watch from Amazon. The watch came with no directions and go figure the ones online totally confuse me. So I mapped out one run from my apartment complex to the Blair golf course which is 5.20 miles and then I ran for about another half hour just around the neighborhoods. I have no idea how many miles I ran, I am guessing somewhere around 8 because I ran for 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Like I said, I from the city and have moved to a small town. Running on country roads are AMAZING. The view is pretty and it is so peacefull. I could have ran for another half hour or so. Needless to say, my shins feel it today. I knew they would. I am hoping the more I run outside, my shins will get used to running on cement. I did notice that my pace seemed a little slower outside, I don't have the treadmill to tell me how fast or slow I am going. I know I run harder on the treadmill because I set it at a pace and keep it there. Running at the pace I was running reassures me that I can do this half marathon, it was a good slow and steady-could talk to myself pace.
Yummy Rice Cakes that I devored after my run
topped with yogurt, jelly and peanut butter. I also devored a
chocolate protien shake!
These little buddies helped me through my run. They are all natural and 100 calories per pack with 24 grams of carbs. I found them at Walmart for 50 cents. They also had cute little gel packs of applesauce I almost grabbed.
Enter the new running socks. I have been doing some reading on Compression Socks and can't quite afford the full sixty dollars for CEP socks, so I opted for Under Armour ones I found for 15 bucks. They were in an issue of Runner's World and were recommened as a type of Compression sock so I thought why not, plus I am a fool for name brand.
A little crazy I was after my run....still coming down from my endorphin high, ha!

The week ahead of me sounds pretty good. Now that the weather is nicer, getting up early and going to school is more pleasurable. The kids love recess, as do I. Friday I am taking a personal day and plan to get a good 10.5 or 11 miler in. Saturday Craig and I are going to see KENNY CHESNEY! I am so pumped. I have now seen him three times, but it never gets old. Craig surprised me with tickets for a Valentine's Gift. I love concerts, and the drinks that come with them :)

Who is your favorite person to see in concert?

Do you do all your runs inside or stick to outside only?

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  1. I love those socks!! I still need to get a pair!!

    My favorite person to see in concert... well, you'll make fun of me, but it's Hanson. Please don't stop following my blog. My favorite country concert is Tim & Faith. I've seen them 5 or 6 times together. 9 each total though!