Thursday, July 7, 2011

Yoga Makes Me Sore

I awoke this morning sore and stiff...thank goodness today's workout just consisted of p90x yoga. Wrong! Just...ahem yeah right. I did some light cardio for 20 minutes on level two on the bike to warm up my legs. If you did not know, p90x Yoga is an hour and a half long. The first try at it I made it through 30 minutes, this time an hour. I was pooped when I got home, and it sure did not help my sore muscles, all the lunges and downward dogs just put more stress on my joints..I probably would have been better off just taking a rest day. Anyways, when I returned home I had some greek yogurt with peanut flour with almonds.
Around noon I made a delish lunch of leftover salmon on top of some veggies with a side of cottage cheese and a bagel thin. I then headed off to get my hair done and meet with my Mom for some coffee and chit chat.
When I returned home I was overjoyed to find Cooper jumping up to greet me. As I looked down at him, I noticed something was not right. His whole eye was swollen and his nose was real puffy. I grabbed the leash and once again we were off to the vet. Turns out Cooper just had a bad allergic reaction to the meds he was given. The doc gave him a shot to help the swelling go down. I managed to snag a picture of him after the vet, you can still see some of the swelling.
This poor little guy has gone through so much in the past few days. Did I tell you last night when he was home Craig and I found 5 ticks in him! I can't believe it, and we have not a clue where he picked them up from. He is a house dog, we do know that their is a huge bushy hill outside by the vet where they take the dogs to go out so I am wondering if that is where he was picked up. Okay enough Cooper talk...just glad once again he is okay.
So I am curious to know if any of you are Yoga doers what your favorite poses are. Right now I am liking the easy poses...

I am hoping to continue and get stronger each time. I love all the lunges, and I can feel the burn in my legs when holding them for a while.


  1. oh my makes me sore too! I recently took my first yoga class in awhile and I was SO SORE from down dog! I thought that was supposed to be a rest pose?!

  2. I like yoga poses where I feel a good stretch: fire log, triangle, and many of the Bikram poses.

  3. poor pup!!! hope he gets a break here soon!

    I have taken 2 yoga classes and they are SO tough. i was definitely sore...and definitely like the easier poses for now so that I do not feel so uncoordinated ;)

  4. An hour and a half of yoga?! Yeah, that sounds really intense.

    Oh my gosh, I can't believe he had an allergic reaction to one of the meds, poor guy!

  5. I've heard that the p90x yoga is intense!! I definitely feel the soreness after yoga... it works your muscles in a totally different way! I love pidgeon pose... super easy and I could fall asleep in it!

  6. Hmm.. I do yoga off and on.. I'm more of a pilates girl. I do like hot yoga though. That is one of the hardest workouts I've ever done. Holy moly.

    I'm glad to hear your dog is okay!

  7. My favorite yoga pose is downward dog but it is really a good 'wake up' to roll from downward dog into upward dog and I like to switch between these poses about 5 times in a row and add it to my Sun Salutations. I also love trying to hold Warrior III for a minute straight without falling out of the pose - really works on your balance!