Wednesday, July 6, 2011


First off the good news, I picked up Cooper from the vet around 4 and he was good to go. I have never been so happy!! The vet gave us four bottles of meds for him to take along with a huge bag of special dog food that is easy on his stomach. The meds have made him a little sleepy, but I can tell my old Cooper is back. It is so nice to have him at home again. It is amazing how just a pet can make you feel. In no random order here are some of my eats from today! Hope you had a great Wednesday!!
Salmon for lunch with a side of cottage cheese and a bagel thin (not pictured)
Breakfast consisted of Carrot Cake yogurt mixed in oats with Cinnamon Protein powder and a sliced apple
After a hard Insanity workout followed by P90x Ab Ribber I was famished. I devoured two rice cakes topped with carrot cake yogurt, jelly and frozen peanut flour alongside a protein shake. The combination may sound gross, but it was wonderful to me!!

I managed to find these chicken breast shoved in the back of my freezer so I grilled them up and tossed them with some Stir Fry vegetables and soy sauce with green beans for dinner.
What made your Wednesday so yummy??


  1. yum! I love stir fry! I made a super delicious and FRESH salad for lunch and am about to eat mexican lasagna for dinner :) YUM!

    SO glad to hear the news about Cooper! Hope he continues to get well quickly :) I know you are so relieved!

  2. Hooray for Cooper coming home! I hope he keeps recovering and is back to normal soon. Yummy eats for Wednesday!

  3. The food looks delicious! I am glad to hear Cooper is home. I have a goldendoodle named Grisz and he has had a runny nose for a few weeks so I will be calling the vet today myself! BOO. Why can't we all stay healthy always....

    Have a great day! -Jen

  4. You always have such great looking, creative food ideas!

    OK, glad Cooper's home!

  5. So glad cooper is coming home and feeling better!! I can't even imagine how I'd feel in your situation!!

  6. You're food looks so yummy!!!