Thursday, July 21, 2011

What a week and I have been a horrible blogger! So way back on Monday I was posted that I was having some tummy troubles. Well those tummy troubles turned worse, so off I was to the doctor where they immediately put me on some antibiotics. Monday and Tuesday were pretty much a daze for me. I took on the challenge of working as a camp counselor for "Camp Invention." Basically it is a camp held at my school and they get to invent things all day long. I am in charge of Roller Coasters. So students create roller coasters using tubes and various other materials. The older kids are not that bad, but the younger kids really need my assistance. So for about three hours a day I am taping and pasting materials with 40 squirming kids all around me. A little more then I asked, the days run from 8:30-3:30 so even a little longer then my regular school day. For one thing I am glad tomorrow is FRIDAY!! Here are some pics of the kids starting their roller coasters on Tuesday.
Given I was in horrible pain on Monday and Tuesday, I skipped my workouts. Yesterday I felt well enough and knocked out an awesome four miles on the treadmill. Today I went for a 3 mile run and all of a sudden I started to notice discomfort in my lower calf and the inside of my ankle. Go figure, the time when I am least active I tend to get injured. I googled some on my symptoms but I could not really pin point anything. It hurts just a little when I walk on my upper calf and around my ankle. I am hoping it is just a sprain or something and I am going to stick to the Elliptical and Bike for the rest of the week, of course Insanity is out lol. I really am hoping that it does not turn into something worse :(
On top of all this going on, I am trying to plan where I want my wedding. We have set the date for July 21st, 2012. At first I wanted a destination wedding, but the more I started really looking into getting married somewhere outside of Nebraska, the less interested I became. I brought this up to Craig and he was not happy at all. He wants a destination wedding so it will be small, he freaks in front of a ton of people. I am telling you, we never have argued before and now that we are planning this wedding it seems as if we are disagreeing all the time! All in all, he said he will suck it up and shut his mouth, when it comes down to it the girl always gets what they want on their wedding day. In reality, he does not even care about the wedding itself. To me it is a big deal, I only get married once and I want those I care about there to see me and I want to make it special.
So yes, life seems crazy right now, and I am looking forward to my next two weeks off with nothing to do before the school year starts all over again!!
Did you and your significant other ever argue over wedding plans?
How do you deal with a sudden injury that is not extreme but still a little discomforting?


  1. CHELS! I have been totally missing your posts lately...I am so sorry. CONGRATS on your engagement...that is SO exciting! I have not yet planned a wedding so I cannot be of help there but I do hope you start feeling better and wish you all the best in your planning!

    I read your true about running. One day is great...the next day things hurt. So weird. I usually try to take a day or so off if that happens. Sometimes if I feel okay the next morning I will try a light TM run for a few minutes to see how I feel. If pain...then I definitely take time off. I think you are doing the right thing! Hope it heals quickly!

  2. Yaaay you're back! i'm sorry you've been dealing with tummy troubles and discomfort. That's no fun! Especially when it messes with your runs. Today I felt the same way, but I just took some painkillers since it was a nagging pain that I experienced a few months ago and the pain killers helped.
    All your wedding plans will work out. You'll come to a compromise and no matter what happens, the day will be magical, beautiful, and memorable, even if it's not what you expect!

  3. I'm sorry things are crazy right now. I would try stretching out your calf, making sure you are getting enough fluids, and rolling out your foot (either on a tennis ball or the specially made foot rollers). It sounds weird but discomfort up your calf area can start in your foot.

    Good luck :)

  4. Yikes, I've never planned a wedding before but I can imagine how stressful it all can be. At least you have two weeks off so you can wind down and figure some things out. Good luck with everything!

  5. Ahhh girl I feel ya on the running. Why do our bodies do that?? Anywho, I have friends getting married and I hear that wedding planning can get pretty stressful and most couples argue a bit more due to the added stress. So try not to stress about it :p