Monday, July 18, 2011

Okay so I won't bore you with all of my pics from Costa Rica, so I just posted a few. I took more photos of are resort then anything else. We had a video camera to use when we went out on our outdoor adventure so I don't have many photos for that day.
Okay so now for a full recap of our vacation. To be honest with you, Costa Rica was not all that we expected it to be. I think it might have been more our fault by just going to a travel agent and assuming everything would be great. I mean, our agent told us all the wonderful things we would be able to do...waterfalls, scuba diving, volcano watching,etc. What he failed to tell us was that all these activities were about at least an hour and a half away from our resort...and with the roads being incredibly bumpy it could take more than that to get to our location. He also claimed the weather to be sunny and hot. It rained every single day, if not all day...the down pours, and I mean tropical storms would come around 1:00 at the latest.
Here are some of the pros and cons of our trip to Costa Rica
Pros: Unlimited drinks and food of any choice (large buffet full of fresh fruit and veggies with fish and meat)
Large pool with a swim up bar and professional photographers to take your pictures
Unlimited bar in our room-drinks restored when asked
Cute little shops in our resort area and prices were reasonable-except for the sunscreen...22 bucks!!
Room was very comfortable with huge queen bed and a good view
Lots of agents available on site if you wanted to leave the resort to do an activity
Huge beach in walking distance with kiaking available for free
The unlimited drinks were very scarce, not much to choose from and not to sound prissy but the wine was horrible and the rum made me sick to my stomach one night
No ATM machines anywhere in the resort, the only way to get cash would be to schedule a drive to the nearest beach 45 minutes away, but in order to pay for that you had to have cash!!
Rained every single day if not half day all day
If we called down for service, it would take at least two hours for them to get back to us
The roads were bumpy and sometimes randomly they would close and we would be stuck for 45 minutes
Barely anyone spoke English or understood what you were saying (I know you should expect this in another country but I still got annoyed)
The only shows at night were for kids, the adult shows did not come on until around 11pm and they were mostly Costa Rica girls showing off their bodies in very obscene ways-plus everything was in Spanish
So basically was the trip for us...not really. Craig and I are more about adventure and seeing things then staying in the hotel drinking and eating all week. We did go on one back riding/zip lining and visiting a spa. It was run except for the fact that it pored rain on us the entire time so we were soaked. Needless to say, we were both very happy to be returning home to the states.
Workout wise, I was able to get in about 4 good cardio workouts and managed a three mile run around the resort one morning when the gym was not open on time. Yesterday I returned and knocked out an amazing p90x arm and shoulder workout with some elliptical work. Then....TRAVELER'S DIARRHEA. That is what I am guessing it is. It hit yesterday afternoon and I have been feeling awful since. Every half hour or so something nasty seems to be coming out of me. So yes, I skipped the gym today and am hoping to feel a little better by tomorrow. All in all, we learned our our research before leaving the country again!


  1. oh bummer. Sorry to hear! sometimes those vacations are just good to remember and laugh about. right?

  2. LOVE how you did a pros and cons list. I always read about these vacations that sound like heaven (with unlimited food, drinks, swim up bar, pool, etc.) and I always assume that there must be a catch-- but most people don't care to share the full balanced story of the vacation! So thanks for doing that.

    And congrats again on your engagement!!

  3. That's such a bummer it wasn't what you expected - I have always wanted to go to Costa Rica! Hope you still enjoyed each other's company :-)

  4. I think it's a smart idea to do a pro&con list for a trip Chels! And I hope your next trip somewhere will be everything you hoped for it to be! Have a beautiful day girl~

  5. Well at least one FABULOUS thing came out of the trip and we all know what that was! I'm sorry things didn't turned out as planned. It's such a bummer when that happens, but you can learn from experiences like these so your vacations in the future are more fun. I am a total adventure seeker so I feel ya on missing out on all the cool stuff that you couldn't access!

  6. I'm impressed you even tried to work out on vacation. I'm bummed that you had some cons (it always rains on my vacations, so frustrating), but the pros were pretty awesome.

  7. That's too bad about it raining so much! It looks like y'all still had a good time! Congrats on your engagement!!! :) That's so exciting!

  8. Pro---- You got ENGAGED!! That is VERY exciting! ....Welcome back to the states! :)