Monday, July 25, 2011

Purple Green Beans!

So my first official day of no vacation or work took place, and I was a busy bee. I scheduled an appointment to check out my first reception ballroom. My Mom and I went and checked it out. I fell in love with it, it is called the Scoular Ball Room. It is located downtown in Omaha. The room is only about 1, 600 to rent out for six hours. The only problem is that it only holds up to 400 people and I am worried are reception might be a little bigger. When trying to find a date, all the dates for July of next summer are already booked!! I know and Craig thinks that finding a venue a year ahead is rushing. They do have a date in August and two in September. I would like to avoid Sep. if I can because of Husker football season. My parents and I are heading out tomorrow to look at three other venues and I am hoping to have a decision by the end of the week.Notice the HUGE stage for a band :)
After my workout this morning I scarfed down this mess of Kashi cereal, peanut flour balls and greek yogurt. My workout this morning was a 4 mile run with p90x Chest and Back workout. My run went pretty good, no pain in my heel or ankle, but I did notice some pain later on this afternoon. I am not going to run until Wednesday. Now for the Chest and Back workout...I HATED IT! Once I started I felt like I could not quit so I just kept going. I was so bored with all the stupid push ups and pull ups. I did not mind the pull ups but I HATE push ups so much. Probably because my upper body is so weak-ha ha!
Lunch today being broccoli, corn, chicken and mozz. cheese with a tortilla on the side! After a long afternoon of venue searching I hit up Costco for some fruit, greek yogurt and NO veggies. veggies...yes only because I have a garden blooming full of them :)
I picked a ton of these little babies, green beans and purple beans.
I had them on side of salad shrimp. Craig bought me a huge bag of shrimp a while back and I keep forgetting to get into it. My goal this week is to finish it up. I will probably be shirmped out!
Do you like push ups?
Have you ever heard of purple green beans?


  1. I've only ever had green beans...I must venture out and try the purple ones! :)

    I don't like push ups either because I am not very good at them....but I still try to do them.

  2. I can't stand push-ups either! I need to get better a them...

    Your garden is GORGEOUS! Jealous.