Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Inside the Museum
So two more days of searching for a wedding ceremony holding as well as a reception sight and things are narrowed down. Officially are date is set for August 18th. We are having the reception at the Soular ballroom minutes from the Joslyn Museum. Now, I put the Joslyn Museum sight on hold for 48 hours until I make my decision. For one I am not sure if I want it inside or outside the museum. I am love with the outside garden, but it is 5,000 and the inside is only 2,000. So is having it outside really worth an extra 3,000 dollars. Another reason I put a hold on it is because there is one more venue that is right around the corner from the museum that might work, the Joslyn Castle, but I am having a hard time keeping in contact with the lady. It feels as if my mind has been running a million miles a second these past few days, but I can relax now things are booked.
Outside the Museum
Now on to some good eats and my workouts. Yesterday I actually pushed myself into doing a 2 mile sprint workout. I always go into the gym with good intentions of getting started in a sprint workout, but it seems as if once I get in my pace, I don't want to break it. The workout kicked my butt, and my legs are pretty sore today and my ankle started hurting a little this afternoon...blah. Today I did some light cardio-40 elliptical and 15 minute cycle. My chest/back is still killing me from Monday's p90x workout. Here are my eats today for WIAW!!
Oats with yogurt and pb and chopped apples underneath
Yogurt/pb/jelly and rice cakes
Corn/shrimp and broccoli with ketchup
Pita bread with greek yogurt mixed in with chives and garlic to top pita bread with
Finally I ended today with a shrimp salad topped with bbq sauce and curry and my usual pita bread/cottage cheese combo and grilled garden veggies.
So I would like your opinion, which sight do you prefer the outdoor or indoor for the wedding ceremony??


  1. Usually I prefer outdoor, but that indoor setting is GORGEOUS! I'm excited for you :))

  2. That's a tough decision. I personally think I would have a hard time spending an extra $3000. Plus you have to factor in rain/wind/heat/bad weather. Although, they say to go big on your wedding day because it is a day you'll never forget!