Saturday, July 23, 2011

Radom Saturday

So yesterday was the LAST day of camp! Yahoo!! We were all there at the school until 5 tearing down Roller Coasters and other materials the kids made. After work, I head over to a local Boarders book store, they are going out of business so everything is on clearance. Most of the books were only 10-20% off so I opted to not purchase those. The magazines though were 50% off which was awesome, considering I need some bridal magazines and hate paying full price. Anymore it is amazing how some of these book stores do stay in business with all the info you can get from the Internet, ordering books off Amazon, and also the Kendell.
Once I got home from work I started to make dinner and turned my head for a moment to find Cooper in this mess! Literally I can't leave him alone in a room for more then 5 minutes. He found a pillow and had some fun with it. I did think he looked too cute to not take a picture though :)
I am excited to say that our garden is in full bloom! This morning I picked some cucumbers and zucchini. The green beans and tomatoes should be ready by excited..cheaper grocery bill!!
It is now 2:30 and I am laying on my couch blogging and trying to de-stress. It is only 2:30 and I have already cried my eyes out twice today over this wedding. I feel like I am in such a bind. My parents want it here so all the family can come and on the other hand Craig wants it away so we can have a smaller wedding. What do I want? Well I have been thinking deeply about it and I feel like I really want it here. I just don't feel that I could put 100% effort into my wedding if it were to be out of the state. I want all the frills to go into it, and if it were to be out of state (because of cost) that would not happen. I feel horrible for Craig as well, he has been just as stressed as me. That is all we have talked about this week is the wedding and want we want verses my parents. I HATE the fact that Craig does not accept my parents as well as I do, but I have to reassure him that he just needs to get to know them. Since they have lived an hour away are whole relationship, they have not been able to take time to get to know each other so outings can be a little tense.
I burned off some steam this morning at the gym. Started my morning off with oats, peanut butter, coca powder and bananas all mixed in. I had planned a long run today, I opted not too. My ankle/calf has no pain anymore but it does feel a little stiff so I figured I would hold off. I did 50 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the bike followed by p90x ab ripper. I tell ya that elliptical can get pretty boring, I was so happy to see that Teen Mom was on MTV to keep me busy.
I am off to blog stalk and get ready for tonight. We have a dinner with both sets of parents to celebrate our engagement followed by a friend's birthday party. Wish me luck with the parents, hopefully no tears will come when the mention of the wedding!!
Would you rather purchase a book from the Internet or actually going into a bookstore?
Does your significant other/husband get along with your parents?


  1. So happy you commented on my blog because it brought me to yours!

    I am in awe of the beautiful veggies from your garden-- How long did they take to grow?

  2. I am not alone!!--your pup is just like ours! My dogs LOVE to destroy anything with stuffing. What IS that all about?!! I once came home and they had gotten a throw pillow and it looked like it snowed in my living room.

  3. ahhhhh! i went to borders and was so frustrated that the books were not "truly on sale" blah. hopefully that changes in a few weeks. I need some new books!

    The veggies look delicious and that pup pic is seriously too cute.

    I am so sorry to hear about your stress. I hope that you can put all the stress aside tonight (and that family members can recognize that this needs to happen) so that you can truly celebrate the joy and excitement of your engagement.

  4. I love actually going in to bookstores to buy books!
    I'm sorry about all the wedding drama you're going through--it stinks! I think ultimately you guys should do exactly what you want, don't worry about family expectations!

  5. I love bookstores!I have a kindle but I love reading from books more!

    Congrats on your engagement (just catching up!) And don't worry, everything will work out wedding wise exactly the way its suppose to!

  6. wow home grown veg how exciting! bet it tastes so nice. love the oats banana in my oats is my favourite way to start the morning and torrow I think I may try adding some cocoa powder! I prefer to buy online tbh I tend to get most of my books from charity stores.

  7. i;m so sorry chels. Maybe the honey moon can be far away!! haha. Or maybe you all need to have dinner (parents and all) and discuss options, open heartedly. Praying for this and for you. Don't cry friend.