Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When Will Spring Come?

So living in Nebraska I can usually except to see one day up in the 60's and the next in the 20's. Last week we had highs up to about 60 and now we are back in the below 20's. I am dying to start some outside runs and I refuse to run in the cold, I know I am a baby and my immune system sucks. This weather makes for a glumy week :( Of course the weather turns bad when I have a week of moving ahead of me. Well actually, I am moving right across the hall in my apartment complex to a three bedroom apartment and Craig is the one that is moving in with me.

A Little Bit About Me and Craig....

Craig and I have been together for about 2 years. We met two summers during the Collage World Series. Now, technically we met at on Match.com emailing back and forth. That night, we noticed each other and ended up talking which pushed us towards exchanging phone numbers and the rest is history. For the first year of our relationship I was living in Omaha working in a school district and Craig was living in Columbus working as a seed dealer. A job opportunity brought him to Blair Nebraska, and I followed him. Well after being together for quite a while, we have chosen to move in with each other, hence we have a little more work to deal with now that we are taking care of a puppy. I am a little nervous about this move for the following reasons:
-I have never lived with anyone besides my parents and my older brother
-I can do some strange things (eating a protein shake in the bathtub)
-I am such a type A person! For example dust on furniture drives me insane, dishes in the sink unwashed, used towels laying around...I could go on forever
-During the week I am out by 9pm, since I get up at 4am to workout, I need my beauty sleep. Craig is more of a night owl.
Although I did list these reasons, I am not too concerned, we spend alot and I mean ALOT of time together. Just anything with change, I have a hard time adjusting too....I will keep you updated and I may need to vent a few times, lol!

So in regards to my running, I am a little upset over the fact that I did not get a chance to update my mileage this weekend ( I have no Internet until Craig moves in). On my daily mileage posted on my blog, I am unable to go back and add miles. So here is the recap of my past weekend:
Friday: 81/2 miles!!!
Saturday: Cross training-5 miles on elliptical
Sunday: 5 mile run
I am pretty impressed, originally I had planned on tapering down last week, but I felt great I just increased my long run by 1/2 a mile.
Today as I was running my usual 5 miler, I had some goals in mind for next week. Usually I do three runs a week, plus a long run and one day of cross training. I have no intentions of switching that up, due to the fact that I am training for a half. In the meantime, I would like to increase my weekly mileage on my runs during the week and work on a little more speed. Next week I would like my 5 miler on Tuesday to focus on increasing speed:
2 Miles 5.9-6.0
2 miles 6.0-6.1
Final Mile, increase up to 6.5
I am not sure how accurate I do things, but I have been reading up on my running. Ever since I started running back in collage, I have always had this thing of running back and forth with my paces. For example: 1st minute at 5.9 2nd minute at 6.0 3rd minute at 5.9 4th minute at 6.0
Don't ask me why I do this, and I am sure there is really no beneficial need for this, I think it might be a way for me to beat boredom on the treadmill because I am consistently pushing a button every minute. Now, when it comes to outdoor runs...(which I will seriously start doing once the weather gets a little better) there is no need for me to do this. I think this is just one of my Type A doings.
The other 5 miler I would like to increase to 5.5 mile for two weeks and then up to 6. I did read that they say you can be able to increase your mileage safely each week by up to 10%. So I will increase my long run to 9 miles and a weekly run from 5 to 5.5. I think I am safe :)

What are some of your Type A tendencies?

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  1. If I start a book, I have to finish it! maybe I will grow out of that though. CWS--my fav time in NE!!