Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines!

Wow what a day it has been! This was our last party of the year, thank goodness. I am a little bummed, I left my camera plug in at home so I will have to upload pictures another time. Some of my students boxes turned out to be ADORABLE!

I woke up this morning and was pumped to get to school so I could go online and sign up for the Lincoln Half Marathon. Come to find the regestration is already full :( This totally bummed me out, so I settled for another 1/2 nearby in Papillion on the 15th of May. I just had my heart set on the Lincoln because it is so popular. Anyone who is a runner in the Nebraska area always runs this race, I should have known better then to wait this long to sign up. Ah well, a race is a race right?

So today was filled with candy hearts, bingo games, valentine cards, card making, and cup cake eating. Valentine's day is always my favorite holiday, I love all the pink and red and the hearts. Yes I am a sap.

This weekend Craig and I went out for our Valentine's Day dinner at Bone Fish Bar and Grill. I had a huge plate of Edaname ( I swear the stuff is like crack) and then a Salmon salad....and a few glasses of wine :)

Then to make our dinner even more special, some customers were complaining of their seats so the Chef asked us if we could move. This was not a big deal at all, so we switched tables and ended up getting our whole meal paid for! It was quite the nice dinner.
Yesterday, I spent a good portion of the day deep cleaning from puppy mess. Vacumed, dusted, took Cooper out on several walks. I also did some well needed baking. Cooked up some hard boiled eggs, grilled my chicken, made rice crispy treats for the kiddos at school today, roasted soy nuts. All in all, I managed to make my smoke alarm go off only three times from all the baking and high temps in my small apartment. Don't think my neighbors were too keen on that one.
This morning was a 5 miler on the tredmill. Pretty good run but my legs were stiff and sore afterwords, I think they are still recovering from my long 8 miler on Saturday. I am still in awe of my accomplishment, I love saying it "I ran 8 miles." Okay I am a geek. Got to go!
I will post some of my baking episode pics tomorrow :)

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