Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday-Another Long Run Behind Me

I am very proud of my accomplishments this morning I must add. As I walked into the gym today I had my mind set to 7.5 miles, hence last week I completed 7 miles. Latley, I have been noticing that during my long runs it has been harder to keep going once I hit the 6 miler. My guess was that my pace was too fast. I have been running my long runs at the same pace as my training runs. So I slowed down my pace from a 10 minute miler to a 10.20-10.15 pace. At mile 6 I felt pretty darn good, grabbed my gaterode and took a swig, re-set the tredmill and easily finised the last two miles ending at a 9.50 pace.
This was also something I decided to add, some electrolytes to my run to give me an extra spark near the end of my run, it seemed to really awake my legs and help me through my last few miles. My training plan calls for a 10k race next weekend, but there are not any around here. So I am thinking I go back down and just do a 6 miler this week and then the following week continue with my plan and running a 8.5 miler.
If you are wondering, I started training at the end of January and my half is not until the first weekend in May. I am doing a 12 week training plan and doubling it. So each week and I am doing twice. That way, I dont risk the chance of bumping my miles up too soon. Also, my plan calls for a 10 miler to be my longest run. So far, from the looks at my training, I think I will be able to complete at least a 11 miler and mabey a 12 before my half. I hate going into the race with not at least completing a run a little closer to 13 miles. I know they say that your body will push you through those last couple of miles you are expected to run, but I like to be a little more mentally prepared.
So this morning was mainly taken up by my long run and then taking Cooper out for two long walks. He is not used to his leash yet, so these short walks turn into about 20 minute walks with me fighting against him to keep moving and not spend hours rolling in the snow. After his walks, I gave him a good scrub in the bath tub which he seemed to like. He was an absolute mess. The weather outside is GORGEOUS, a high of 40!! But, because of the weather, all the snow is melting so Cooper has been a yucky mess.
Tonight Craig has made reservations to a special place to celebrate our Valentine's Day. I am super excited, plus it is Saturday night, WINE NIGHT!

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  1. Love meeting a feelow Nebraskan!! Thank you for visiting my blog! And, you won't believe this, but I have a 3 yr old golden named Cooper too!!! How crazy!!! Looking forward to following you!