Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Long Few Days

Isn't Cooper just the cutest thing. Yes he may be cute, but quite the puppy he is! Yesterday, Craig had to work all day so he was not able to come and pick Cooper up during the day. Well I had a nice little set up for him in the back room with his doggie gate to block him from going into the living room. I came home around 5 to find his doggy gate removed and Cooper running around the living room. I turn to my left and there is my computer with chords hanging from it! Cooper had got ahold of my ipod connector. Now you may ask how he got out to begin with, well Craig had got off work a little early and decided to bring him out, assuming everything was put up away from him. Ahhh, the puppy trails.

I am here at school right now, blogging when I should be grading papers....but I figure I will be here till about 9 tonight due to conferences and then tomorrow I will be in my room for another 5 hours, ahhh the papers can wait.

Last night I could not sleep at all. I was out cold, ,then around 3am in the morning I woke up and could not shut my mind off. I knew today was going to be a long day, and I should have rested today but I really wanted to get my run in this morning. By 8:00 tonight, talking to parents, I am going to be ready to crash. Considering, how pathetic this sounds, 8:30 is usually my bedtime on a school night. When you have to get up at 4am you make time for your sleep! I am already looking forward to coming home to Cooper and cuddiling up into my bed for a short nights rest before we do it all over again tomorrow. I opted for my rest day to be tomorrow, I figured I would be way more tired to run tomorrow morning than I would today. I am not sure how things will pan out for Friday. My hopes are to get a longer run in, mabey a 7 miler. I have no intentions of doing an 8 miler until next weekend.

This past weekend, Craig got a huge bucket from a local farmer of soy beans. So we rinsed them dried and baked them to make soy nuts. I put splenda and salt on them to add some taste. I was a little dissappointed with the outcome, some were hard and others were still moist. I prfer they be from a bag. Now I am stuck with a gazillion soy nuts to eat up!
So while I am here and have plenty of time on my hands I am going to start a Wishful Wednesdays Trend.
3 Things I Wish

1. I wish the snow would melt already, so everywhere I step outside in the parking lot is not in a puddle.

2. I wish Cooper would become potty trained, I am sick of being on my hands and knees daily scrubbing the floors.

3. I wish Winter would leave and Spring would come already!

What are three things you wish for on this Wednesday??

Anyone else ever put work aside to do some well needed blogging?


  1. I LOVE your Cooper!! He is a mini My Cooper! Luckily, goldens are SUPER smart, so he should have the potty thing down soon!

    I totally forego work to blog! Isn't it addicting?!!!

  2. I'm with you girl - I wish winter would go away, and I also wish my current running injury would go away so I can run again already!