Monday, February 7, 2011

A New Edition

So here is he is officially, Cooper! Craig and I picked him up Friday night and I can't keep my hands off of him. He has been such a joy to have around the apartment. He is still in the works of being potty trained and taking walks using a leash. He does not like to be forced to go anywhere, he likes going where he wants to go so the leash is horrible for him. During the day he will go with Craig and then be dropped back off with me at home. I am already awaiting his presence tonight.
Well one thing for sure is that the weekends always just zoom by. Saturday Craig had to go into work early, so I was up as well and knocked out my 7 miler for my long run. A year ago, I never ever thought I would hit 7 miles again, and I completed it! Each week as my milage gets longer I become more and more excited. I am wondering though if I need to slow my long mile pace down a bit. I am running it at the same pace I run my weekly shorter runs.
The rest of the afternoon was spent by Craig puppy sitting while I went and got more blonde added into my hair. Saturday night we went out for dinner and stopped in a local bar for some wine and came home and crashed with Cooper.
As I was doing my morning run this morning I heard the news caster say "Happy Monday." I thought to myself, hmmm what is happy about Monday. I started brainstorming to myself what I like about each day of the week and this is what I came up with.
Monday: Always have so much energy when returning to the gym after a lazy Sunday ...feels so good to bust out a good workout bright and early Monday morning.
Tuesday: Right now on Tuesdays I get to enjoy Teen Mom on MTV-one of my horrible vices...for my half marthon schedule Tuesdays are always my short sprint runs!!
Wednesday: Hump day, we made it half-way through the week! Usually my official rest day of the week as well so no getting up at 4am to workout.
Thursday: I always feel like Thursday I can spend a little extra time staying up at night because Fridays I dont always feel like I have to be so "mentally" prepared for teaching. Hey and it is one day closer to Friday!
Fridays: Well we have Badger Sprit days on Fridays, so we wear all blue...I engage in my "Extra" diet coke in the afternoon for making it through the week, Coffee talks at Scooters with my Mom after school
Saturdays: Sleep in and enjoy my oatmeal before a long run, allow myself as much Diet coke as I want because heck its the weekend! Usually a night involving family or friends and wine of some sort :)
Sunday: My day to do absolutly nothing,go to church, close the blinds and relax, grade papers, eat, and watch all my horible reality shows ha!

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