Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Recap

It was so nice to have the day off from work today...welcome Thanksgiving Break! The day started out with a big bowl of oat bran with yogurt and peanut flour balls.
Here are some other snacks as well from today...greek yogurt with carrots I had for lunch with a side of pita chips and turkey (not pictured)
Don't these protein cookies look delish...right...I popped them in the oven while making breakfast and completely forgot about them until 20 minutes apartment has a burnt crisp smell to it now lol.
Some egg whites and jelly, best combination ever :)
Lately my blood sugar levels have been all over the place waking up in the morning. I have started to notice that I am starving when I wake up and if I don't stay on top of my every two hour scheduled meal...I have a blood sugar attack. I have a feeling it has something to do with not increasing my calories and increasing my swims on the metabolism must b e catching up. I usually don't track my foods at all, but I decided to just to see how many grams of proteins/carbs/fats I am in taking. I entered every food item on The Daily Burn and here are the stats:
1,800 calories total
53 grams of Fat
175 grams of carbs
178 grams of protein
So as you can see I get my fill of protein and probably need to up my fat/carbs a little. My numbers on the Daily Plate tell me that to maintain my healthy weight of 135 I need to consume 2,400 calories a day at my activity level...this is scary. Today I added an extra huge handful of almonds to my morning meal before my workout. I know it is not much, but it is really hard for me to add in extra calories when I am not that hungry after my meal. I know overall I would probably have a little more energy to give if I ate more. I am not saying I need to go eat junk, just add some extra fruit and nuts in my diet. Plus...tomorrow is Turkey Day and I am 100% sure I will get my fill of calories :)
So this week so much has been going on it has been a roller coaster, I would love to say that it is full of joy and bliss...but unfortunately it has not been. On Monday I received news that a former co-worker of mine from my old district took his life. I was shocked. This guy was young, a runner, and always seemed to love life. I still can't get over the fact that just a year ago I was talking running with this man and now he is no longer around, and to even think he took his own life. Tuesday I had an emergency call from my school district, and we were called into a crisis meeting. Since I work in a very small district (1 High school and 2 elementary schools) everyone knows everyone. Three teenage girls were speeding down a main highway I drive everyday and flipped their car. One of the teens died and the other two are in the ICU. These girls were very well known in the community, and many of my co-workers children were friends with these girls. The media has been crazy around our district. From these past two terrible incidents that have happened this week, it really makes you thankful for your own life and what you have to appreciate. Enter in my own situation..on Saturday night while resting on the coach I started to notice a slight twinge/pain in my chest. I brushed it off, but this pain has continued throughout Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Finally today, I broke down and called my Mom and she immediately thought I needed to see a doctor because it was in my chest. No coughing, no cold, just pain in my chest. I took my Mom's advice and to be honest with you I am glad I did. Because the pain had continued I was really starting to worry and started to think of all the possibilities that could be wrong with me. The doc did a quick EKG and the results came back normal. The only abnormal thing he did notice was that my pulse was very low...which he claims is normal for me being so athletic. He said my EKG really showed how good of shape I am in. The doc reassured me that there are many muscles around my chest, and his best guess would be that they just might be a little overworked from exercise but nothing serious, I seem to be in perfect health! I walked out of that doctors office feeling like it really was Thanksgiving, I had my health to be so thankful for.
Do you ever track your food just because of curiosity? Do you worry about overeating?
What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?


  1. i love your blog you are so motivating and inspirational - id love to start swimming although i can only do breast stroke lolz but thats a start right??

    not sure if i would like the egg white with jam ?? thats abit of an oddd combo for me (i love eating pesto with rice have you ever tried that??)

  2. peanut flour balls!? those sound yummy and interesting.

    friend. i am so sorry to hear about everything that went on leading up to Thanksgiving. i hope you are doing okay. grateful to hear that you are healthy and that your tests were normal!

  3. Hi, I just found your blog and think its a great. I'm a 31 year old female who used to run competitively (i wasn't great...but I was decent ...1:30 half marathon; 64 minute 10-miler, etc etc). Anyway, like you I suffered severe burnout. BUT I never bounced back. I kind of got terribly depressed about stuff (I had some personal stresses that basically drove me to exhaustion also) + some orthorexic/negligent eating tendencies, etc...that wore me out.
    So, for over 2 years now, I haven't even run! No running. I'm literally unable to. Its like my legs are like lead weight and dead. I walk daily (I have zero gym access). I'd like to do that Jamie Eason 12-week strength thing; but no gym.

    Worst? I'm underweight currently. My doctor wants me to gain weight and I'm doing it so slowly and I need to be faster. But I struggle since I don't exercise and I'm so so sedetary. I have been increasing my eats , but find it so tough because of A) guilt...i sit and need to gain, feels so wrong...B) its like my stomach has been messed up from so many years of i get a lot of trapped gas in my body and discomfrot that is intolerable.

    I LOVE the way you eat. I'm trying to increase, but lost at this point. (No health coverage or money for dietitians who I never jive well with anyway).
    Have you read Tessa's blog at "Amazing Asset"...she semms kinda (but not really) similar to you.
    I feel very alone because unlike most needing to gain , I have to gain and all I do is sit...any thoughts??

    The worse is the burnout. I know it will require more than food and weight gain; but ..what...
    I can't afford natural possibly helpful methods like pools, massage, or natural naturopaths and supplements, etc..

    I would love to share thoughts or meal and snack plans/suggestions with you. It would encourage me so much. I'm so worried I'll gain "all wrong" and never be able to exercise again (Its been so so long).

    I'm 30 and not even working now and need to get back to work...i need to get to life!!

    Things I've done that help is adding major fat (in fact I think I eat WAY too much fat...but oh well) if u have a salad add avocado + olive oil + whole eggs, with a yogurt and cup of cereal or bread on the side...etc...Id love love to chat.

    Just reaching out a little I guess. Please email me at

    if you wish. Hope to hear from you. But either way...keep increasing!! I'm the perfect example of what you don't want to be so I suggest going big on calories!!