Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Pool Brings Results!

I know more than anything you just wanted to see some nice half naked photos of me, right lol. Anyways, these pictures are to prove anyone out there who claims that swimming is not a workout. For the past several months the majority of my cardio has been in the form of swimming, just basic free style laps. I must say I have noticed a HUGE difference in my abs as well as my back shoulders and arms.

I love having a workout that gives me the endorphin high as well as great results with little to no impact on the joints.
Besides taking pictures of myself in the mirror all day, it has been a pretty busy Saturday for having Craig gone.
Woke up and completed an hour swim of laps followed by some ab work
Came home and refueled with a protein shake and rice cakes with pb
At again an hour later...forgot about how great wraps taste!!
Turkey, cheese and mayo wrap baked in the oven..crispy and cheesy!
The afternoon was spent watching the game at a friend's house for a football party (Go Huskers!) then followed by a trip to my parents house to pick up more photos for my wedding slide show.
Came home and decided to fry up some lean ground beef hamburgers for dinner :)
Honestly, this is the first Saturday in months that I have stayed in from going out. I have to admit, if feels so good to be laying on the couch and watching Lifetime. Sometimes socializing on the weekends can wear you out.
What workouts give you the best body results?
What are you doing this weekend?


  1. ummmmm.....I'm going to start swimming, Girl you are smokin hot!

  2. Wow you look great! I have heard great things about swimming and how it works all your body muscles! I wish I had access to a pool, oh who am I kidding, I don't think I would ever take up swimming but I have the upmost respect for people who do swim! Looks extremely tiring!

  3. Nice results! I am not a huge swimming person, but I generally see results from lifting :)

  4. I think (know!) I am going to be resorting to the pool this winter more than I usually do. This cold weather winter running is kicking my butt (in a bad way)!

  5. Awesome on the swimming! I was swimming more during my knee rehab, it was good exercise. Swimming feels more like a full body exercise, and it great for your abs I thought.

    I watched most of that Nebraska vs Penn State game on Saturday, I'm glad that Nebraska won. With everything going on at Penn State it is horrifying to read the details of the sex abuse scandal there. I personally think that the Penn State football program should be shut down for a season or 2 until they clean it up and fire everyone responsible.