Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Want To Tri

I'm telling you what..every time I jump on the stationary bike or dive into the pool, the more and more I think about doing a Tri. I have even been researching some local tri's around Omaha and lurking on tri websites for training advice. I did find one that will happen in May and it is an all women's triathlon. Of course with Omaha weather, I know the options of tri races in the local area are slim.
When it comes to the swimming, I think I am decent. I can now swim a mile and a half but I am still swimming 100 yards in two minutes (pretty slow). I could improve this by adding in some intervals.
Running...well considering my ankle is more on and off then anything anymore I am just going to see how it feels come Spring. I am hoping the more I continue to stretch it and stay off of it when it comes to running, it will improve. I plan on doing a Sprint Tri for my first one, so I think I can handle the 5k run.
Now the biking is what I am worried about. First of all I just have a mountain bike, which gets around on the roads fine but it is nothing fancy. I was amazed at how much Tri bikes are and I will not spend an arm and leg on a bike until I know that I am more serious about racing. Also, how the heck do you go about learning how to change tires and the chains on your bike...I am horrible about maintenance. Finally, I really hate the idea of training on city roads. I have known several people who have been killed from cycling on roads and I am deathly afraid to go that route. I wonder if I could perform just as good with doing some of my rides on the stationary bike using intervals.
If anyone of you have done a Tri, help...I need advice!!


  1. Hey there! Hooray, you're being bit by the tri bug. Well, when I signed up for my first tri, all I had was a mountain bike. I trained on it for a while, although it was slow and difficult. I knew I wasn't willing to spend thousands of dollars to purchase a new bike for my triathlon. But, I was getting sick of going slow (and more importantly, The Boy constantly beating me). So I went to my local bike shop and tried out a few bikes. Do NOT let them sell you on an expensive bike if you don't want to purchase one. An entry-level road bike will work just fine. A carbon frame is really nice, but not 100% necessary (my frame is carbon but the rear fork is not, which makes the back a little heavier). You can also find cheap bike on Craigslist and Bikes Direct, but if you don't want a new bike, look and see if you can find a tri with a mountain bike category so you have a level playing field!

    As far as swimming goes, the main thing that helps with speed is intervals. They suck and it's annoying if there's no pace clock because then you have to bring a watch, but it's well worth it. Kickboards will help your leg strength and pull buoys will help for your arms. You don't want to waste your legs on just your swim though, so be careful. Also there is a big difference between swimming in the ocean and swimming in a lake or pool. If you're going to do an ocean swim, really make sure you are ready for unexpected conditions. I was told my tri would be 500m at 68 degree temp. It ended up being over 700m at 58 degree temperature in the choppiest water I have ever been in. People were being pulled out left and right.

    As for the run... well... I got nothing... I had a stress fracture and muscled through the run (not smart, but I finished).

    Ok this is a huge comment but I hope it helped anyways!

  2. I would love to do a tri someday, but I would need to work on swimming (big time!) and get a better bike. Have you ever read triathlete magazine? It's mostly about ironmans, but it's really inspiring! It also had some great general fitness, nutrition, and training tips. Plus a small section just for running! It's one of my favorites and I highly recommend you check it out whether you sign up for one or not!

  3. I've also been toying with the idea of a triathlon for a year or so now...but I am nervous about similar things to you:
    -bike riding/training outside makes me nervous. I've also heard of a lot of people who have been killed during training.
    -I would really need some practice with changing tires, never had to do that before.

    So my solution would to be to do a lot of spin classes and do longer rides with groups outside on the weekends, that seems safer.

    You are such a strong swimmer, you'd do so well. And you're being very smart about letting your achilles heal so hopefully it'll be all restored by next summer/spring! You'd do great in a triathlon.

  4. I would love to do a tri sometime as well but I can't swim for my life! I may have to settle for a duathlon because I don't think I will ever make friends with the water. The whole bike training is scary too, like you said. So many people have been getting hit by cars in Toronto. If you could fins a quieter and safer place to train maybe that would work? I know there are a lot of less busy steets here that I will probably use in the spring to train for my bike ride.

  5. I haven't done a tri but I've ALWAYS wanted definitely should! You're in great shape and you can do anything you put your mind to!

  6. Hi, I read your last post and definitely think you should be eating at 2400 (and more!).
    I'm about 30 years old , but underweight right now and struggling. I need to gain the weight and don't even exercise anymore (other than walking). Honestly, I don't even know how or what to eat anymore. Your meal structures seem great and similar to foods I like. If you think you can offer advice (I don't know if talking about weight or anything would bother you) , please email me at
    I'm just lost and feel enormous guilt for gaining but never exercising (except for walking). I used to be a hugely competitive athlete, and this has me confused. (I do see a doctor and she just says to "gain").
    I also experience a lot of gas buildup in my body (food moves through my body very slowly and so its like it all builds up in me ,,gives me stitches and stuff with gas gripping my ribs, etc...not fun!). ANyway, either way, good luck.