Tuesday, November 1, 2011

3 Things

It's Tuesday, that means only four more days till the weekend. Okay, that is horrible that I am already counting down the days until the weekend. Today was quite a busy day, with the students being hung over by sugar, I had to be on my toes all day long with them. Enter 3 things I despised today, 3 things I was most shocked about today, and 3 things I loved today.
3 Things I HATED about today
1. I hated the fact that I had to stretch so much today. I know, I know, it helps your muscles recover...but I HATE taking the time to do it!
2. I had an observation today. Meaning my principal comes in my room and watches me teach for an entire hour. I hate when all eyes are on me.
3. How my puppy Cooper ran away from me today. Somehow I had strapped his chain on wrong and it snapped mid-way through our short walk. He went sprinting down the street with me running after him like an idiot.
3 Things that Shocked Me Today

1. Doing lunges at Physical Therapy. Shocked how much my butt had a great workout, and also shocked that physical therapy can be a workout itself.
2. I know this is old news, but come on...really I heard they lasted 72 days! Pathetic!!
3. My new protein powder arrived and I was shocked with how good the basic chocolate flavor tasted. I always tend to order the fancier flavors (Ice Cream Sandwich, Rockey Road, etc.) For just being chocolate, it tasted pretty darn good!
3 Things I Loved Today
1. My brand spanking new North Face Winter coat. Craig bought me a new one for putting up with him and his friends tailgating this weekend..he he he.
2. The fact that I had no papers to bring home and grade tonight..woot woot!
3. My mile swim workout today. It was hard and I felt exhausted at the end of my workout...sometimes it can feel great to be exhausted.
Now tell me, what did you love/hate/or were shocked about on this Tuesday?


  1. Hate...that one of my clients showed up 40 minutes late
    Shocked...at how hard it was to do the hammer in the gym
    Loved...how hard boot camp was today

  2. LOVE North Face...super awesome about your new jacket! and i would hate being observed too...talk about anxiety! today i am loving a sweet night with the pup. hating that the weather finally turned cold. blah.

  3. Love the North Face!
    Hated the cold weather in ohio
    shocked that my advisor has still not emailed me back after 10 days!! Ugg school!

  4. I hated how the day just wasn't long enough. Didn't get to finish everything I had wanted to before coming into work tonight :(
    Oh well, there's always tomorrow!

  5. ok I NEED that Northface jacket, its so cute and looks amazingly warm.

    Thats horrible that your dog ran away! I would be so upset, I hope you find him soon!

  6. I love your new coat. He's a keeper:)I just ordered some new protein powder too... I keep waiting to see it on my doorstep. I'm like a kid at Christmas when it comes to packages:)