Friday, November 11, 2011

Love/Hate Friday

Yes!! It is Friday!! I don't know about you guys but it has been a long week and I am happy the weekend is here :)
This morning started out with a rocking 50 minute swim. I swam my first mile with no stops at all! Usually I stop after the first 10-15 laps to catch my breath, no breathers today. I am glad I forced myself to hit the pool today. I threw it the wayside the past few days in favor of the elliptical. To tell you the truth, I get more of a workout swimming then I do the elliptical, I think because my body is so used to the elliptical. After my workout I re-fueled with yummy yogurt and a protein cookie (1 scoop of protein microwaved with a little splenda and baking powder).
Last night for dinner I enjoyed a new combination. Salmon stuffed portabella mushrooms. This creation was super good but super messy to eat. Portabella mushrooms are not the easiest to cut. In the mix went:
3 oz canned salmon
1/2 cup cottage cheese
Mixed together with onion, parsley, garlic, and pizza sauce
Stuff ingredients into the mushrooms and broil for 10 min.
Served with a side of roasted veggies topped with chili powder...I love chili powder!

For a nice recap of how the five day work week are some of my loves and hates...
I love the fact that I am getting married in three months....
I hate the fact that I have the added workload this week of picking up flowers and spending my plan time at school making more appointments to meet with people to finalize the wedding plans
I love the fact that I can swim my butt of for almost an entire hour now
I hate the fact that my stomach ends up being a never ending bottomless hole of hunger
I love the fact that we have only one more full week of school until Thanksgiving break
I hate the fact that Thanksgiving break is only three days long
I love that the sun is now rising when I head to work
I hate that it is dark on my way home and I have to be extra cautious to watch for deer
I love that I get to spend time with my friends tomorrow to watch the game
I hate that the Husker game is at 11am tomorrow...I refuse to drink that early!
I love having the apartment to myself this weekend because Craig is deer hunting
I hate that I do miss him and I do get a little lonely
I love being in love with pumpkin pancakes
I hate that I ate them 4 out of 5 nights for dinner....come on variety girl!
I love the fact that I managed to run a total of six miles this week
I hate that my ankle still feels a little stiff
What are some of your loves and hates of your week?

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  1. You make me really want to start swimming. My bike workouts are getting bad. I was so motivated at first, but now I just can't muster up that same energy!
    Love that my team ran so well today. Hate that I couldn't run with them!