Sunday, January 29, 2012


Nothing better then hitting up Costco for all my important needs. I am amazed how I always walk out of there and manage to spend so much...but I love all their selections.
Luckily for the Muscle Milk Light, I had a six dollar off coupon so a whole 24 pack was only twenty bucks. Pretty cheap if you ask me...and these shakes are perfect post workout.
2 new items I ran across today was a huge bag of flax meal and Mary's Flax Seed Crackers. I bought these a while back at Whole Foods and loved them, now I can buy them in bulk..woot woot! I know, pathetic how I get excited over food.
After Costco I ran to Target to return a gift I received for my bachelorette that did not fit. So instead I purchased The Real Housewives of Orange County and some new black running pants..sweet. I then came home and tried mixing together peanut flour and cereal for some peanut butter crispy treats..honestly though they were not that tasty.
Craig comes home tonight and I am soooo excited. We both agreed, he is no longer allowed to leave for more than two days, it is just too hard to stay away from each other. Even with having my Mom around and going to lunch with friends, I still found myself down and out because he was not around.
So yes, I have been very productive this weekend cleaning, getting caught up on wedding essentials for the big day, but the one thing I managed to put off until tonight is grading papers. Blah...I really should know better not to leave papers to grade until Sunday night.
What was productive about your Sunday?


  1. Wow that is productive! I love doing nothing on Sundays lol. Costco is sooo great. I don't like buying blueberries in bulk though :/ or any berries since they seem to go bad faster

  2. Sunday was not productive.. we cleaned and did laundry on sat :)