Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cordon Blue-YUM

Once again, tomorrow is Friday already!! I don't know about you, but I love when the weeks just fly by like no other. So I did attempt my first workout this past Sunday on my spin bike. You can see above I had my gear all ready before I started. I worked up a HUGE sweat, but .to be honest I don't know how much I like working out in my room. I felt very confined and uncomfortable. I love being in the gym. Yes I am still very pleased with my X-Mas gift, but my days of going to the gym are not over. Even more so since I am doing Jaime Eason's Live Fit.
We received our yearly membership renewal for Costco in the mail today, I made sure to renew it asap! Can't get enough of HUGE bags of veggies and large containers of greek yogurt. YUM!
I have been adding some variety to my meals lately..still high protein, just different spices and meal options. Tonight Craig and I made healthy Chicken Cordon Blue.
We used: Chicken Breast
Reduced Fat Provolone Cheese
Egg whites
Panko Bread crumbs
Assembled them together with toothpicks, dipped them in egg whites and baked them for about an hour. I ate mine with a HUGE salad of course, gotta have those extra nutrients.
I am officially on Week 3 of Jaime's trainer. I am planning on doing week 3 over again next week. Last weekend, I decided to take advantage of working out on Sunday when it should have been my rest day. So Monday I was too sore and exhausted to work out. I took Monday off and completed an upper body workout followed by a leg workout yesterday. I decided to take today off again...I know what is wrong with me!! This way I could go Friday, Saturday, Sunday just cardio and Monday hit the weights again and get back on my normal routine. My normal routine looks like this: Lift/cardio on Monday, Tuesday
Rest on Wednesday
Lift/Cardio on Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Rest or light cardio on Sunday
Jaime's plan is all so new and exciting for me, but I will admit I get a little anxious lifting all this weight. I love becoming stronger, but a part of me gets weary about really bulking up. I know longer want to look "soft" I want o look "strong" so I know the cardio will not do that for me. It has been a while since I felt so sore and just exhausted from my workouts. On the flip side, I am doing a wonderful job taking my rest days and listening to my body when it signals hunger. I thought cardio made me hungry, try lifting weights for 50 appetite seems to be out of the roof.
I still need to tweak a little with my diet, I have WAY to much protein, I am eating about 200 grams a day!! I know, not needed I just love my protein sources. I think I could move a little protein aside and focus more on fats and carbs.
You may be wondering why I put so much thought into diet and cardio verses weight lifting. Why don't I just workout because I enjoy it?? That I do, I love it! I am just sick of spinning in circles with overworking myself by doing way too much cardio and expecting to see some type of results. If I spend this much time in the gym, why not look like a person who lives in the gym :)


  1. I just finished week 3 of Jamie's LiveFit trainer. Oh man the new leg workout still has me sore, and I did it on SUNDAY. I had to skip one workout this week, but I had to.. my body was hurting!

  2. I think you're the first person I've heard of that's eating too much protein!!!! I love seems everyone else (myself included) eats too many carbs!

  3. all of your meals look delicious. i am not even a shrimp person but that pic may look the most delicious to me! haha!

    i keep hearing about jaime eason's workout plan and it sounds like something i would be interested in. i would really like a better balance of strength and cardio! i need to look into it! hope you have a wonderful weekend friend!