Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hump Day

So I successfuly made it through my bachelorette party and it was ONE long night. The picture above is me being sung to by several guys at the piano bar. They sang my all time favorite "You've Lost that Loving Feeling." It was pretty amazing. I had a great night, but lets just say for as many shots and I was given, I won't be doing that night over anytime soon!!
Before my party I spent most of the day on the couch icing my achilles. I was able to hobble around in my flats Saturday night, and Sunday was spent nursing my hangover as well as more icing. Monday and Tuesday, my achilles felt GREAT! I was almost ready to head back to the spin bike, until I woke up this morning with pain again. GRRRRR!! I have been stretching like crazy and doing my eccentric heel drops along with icing. Also, I have only been swimming for the past four days. The only thing I know that hinders my recovery is the fact that I am on my feet all day long, yes I have supports put in my feet but I am still wearing dress shoes so I am not sure how much support they really give me. So tomorrow it is back in the pool and no spin bke :(
I have still managed to do all the upper body lifting workouts on Jaime Eason's week five plan...just have to nix the leg workouts and replace them with the hip aductor machines.
Enough about my ongoing Craig left for his bachelor party for 5 days in Aspen :( I am bummed. A part of me is a little excited to have some me time around the apartment for the next couple of days, but at the same time I love having Craig to come home to and talk with and vent. He is my best friend, so I get pretty lonely when he is gone. So to keep myself busy afterschool today I made some more easy no bake Protein Bars.

Ingrediants: 8 Tablespoons of PB2
4 Scoops of Protein powder
2 cups raw oats
1/3 cup water more or less depending on consistency
Just mix all the ingrediants together, put in an 8x8 pan and freeze
I sliced mine into 9 slices which came out to be around 134 calories per bar
These literally took me like 10 minutes to make and will save me about 10 minutes every morning when I sit and pack my lunch and try to decide what I want for a snack. After making these bars, it was time for dinner and nothing seemed more pleasing then EGGS!!
A runny egg always hits the spot :)
How do you feel when your signifigant other is not around?


  1. I totally feel the same way when my hubby is away. I have to keep myself super busy. One day isn't too bad, but more than that and I get really lonely. :(

  2. oh man I love eggs.... I eat them almost once a day haha

    glad to hear your party went well!

    sorry you achilles is still acting up :(

  3. ahhh! glad to hear your achilles gave you a bit of a break...hope it will heal completely and quickly! those protein bars sound super yummy friend! i will have to try them!

  4. I hope your achilles will heal up. I used to have issues with mine when I was younger and I remember just hating every second of it. Have you ever tried orthotics? those helped me. and I feel sad when ever Colin is away.....I'm kind of a needy person. I like being around people.

  5. I eat a lot of protein bars, especially Clif and Luna bars. I need to try making them, b/c it gets expensive!