Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Friday

Ahhh, the weekend is here once again! I really had all attempts to blog before the weekend hit, but look where that got me. This week has been a rough week getting back into the swing of things (waking up at 4:30 to work out and teaching all day long) on top of battling a slight chest cold that has been lingering for the past few days. I managed though, to make it to Friday!
I have always had a thing for Greek Yogurt, but lately I have been OBSESSED! I have been eating it like it is literally coming out of my are some of the ways I have been eating it
-Mix in with chicken/lettuce/salsa/peppers (pictured above)
-Add garlic and parsley to it and dip pita bread in it
-Mix with frozen peanut flour and chocolate protein powder
-Mix in with Kashi Go Lean or Oatmeal
-Dip pita chips and crackers
Tonight after school I came home and Craig surprised me by picking up our Spin Bike that had arrived and putting it together for me. I was super excited!! The only problem is, now that I have started Jaime Eason's Live Fit Trainer, my cardio has slightly decreased. I love the the program so far, only in my second week, but it has been kicking my butt. I have still managed to kick out 40 min. or so of cardio a day but it has been lower impact as opposed to higher impact. My ultimate goal is to become a little more muscular and I know that when I focus on just cardio alone I get more of a soft look. That and I have always been HORRIBLE about sticking to any part of a plan and would really like to see myself stick this Jamie Eason plan out to see results. I am going to try to fit my Spin Bike in sometime throughout the week :)
What is the one food you are loving this week?


  1. I need to try savory greek yogurt!! I was all over guacamole this week. It's a great way to get healthy fat!!

    I love looking a little more muscular. It makes me feel strong!!

  2. awwww craig is so darn nice! I love your new spin bike and love even more that he put it together for you!!!

    I am loving CHOCOLATE....a bad one I know but I just can't stop :P

  3. I need to branch out and use greek yogurt in more interesting ways... I always use it as a basic "yogurt" but I know there is more to it :)
    Great job on your progress on the program! Can't wait to hear more about it

  4. Yay Jamie Eason's livefit is awesome :) I am on Day 16 :) But I have been keeping up with my running.. I have to, I am training for a half marathon in March and I just can't let it go.

  5. Oh my gosh I love greek yogurt with everything.....I especially love adding a little garlic and cilantro and/or dill and making it like a taziki sauce to dip pita in :)