Friday, December 23, 2011

Overwhelming Holiday

This my friend is my new love, Guac 100 cal packs. Perfect with crispy crackers.
Okay anyways, what a day...and more to come over the weekend. I started out the day taking the puppy out for an hour walk in 15 degree weather, needless to say I could not feel my legs at all once the walk was over. Afterwords, Criag and I left the apartment by 10 this morning to set out on our list of to- do's. First stop, Marriage License. This was the easiest part of the day, completed the forms and was out of the courthouse in 10 minutes. We then moved on to the Christmas shopping...dun dun dun.
We spent most of the day from 10 till 6pm tonight shopping. By the end of the day we had bought both sides of our family gifts, we were hungry, irritated with people, and ready to go home! We did manage to buy one special gift though..lately Craig has wanted to get me a treadmill. I explained to him that I really don't need a treadmill, heck I have two gym memberships and a OCD personality when it comes to working out. Also, a big part of me enjoying working out is getting out of the house for my time. Well Craig has been interested in getting back into the workout routine (he is naturally skinny so he never has had to worry). He thinks that by buying a treadmill this will motivate him to get back into working out again. If it is at home, the more likely he will workout.
So we made a few stops along our shopping journey to look at exercise equipment. The more we started looking at the equipment, the more I decided that I would rather have a Spin Bike than a treadmill. Don't get me wrong I love to run, but lately it has been so hard on my joints and my ankle. Also, I can always go for a run outside if I had to. I really liked the spin bike. It is such a great workout, and not so hard on my joints. Craig also liked it. So we walked away with a new spin bike!! The only bummer is it won't arrive until next week :( That is okay though, I am still taking it pretty slow with returning to my workouts.
Everyone knows how the holidays can be so overwhelming, and with all the shopping today that is exactly how I felt. Not only that, we are down to less than two months till our wedding. We are expecting 400 guests. My checklist seems to be getting longer and longer. I feel so flustered because I would love to have the weekends free to catch up on running wedding errands, but the holidays and wedding showers seem to keep getting in the way. Plenty of people say it, and now I am saying it...I will be glad when this wedding is over with! I am getting a little annoyed with checking message after message on my phone, taking my breaks at work to call people about the wedding, planning, saving money, etc. So much work and not enough time in a day! So yes, this holiday for me is a little bit more overwhelming than usual.
If you could choose one piece of fitness equipment, what would you want?
Feeling overwhelmed this holiday?


  1. I would want a brand new treadmill! mine is pretty old. and I have never seen those guac packs. That is GENIUS!!!! I want one :) love it

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog!! Congrats on your upcoming wedding. :) You'll have a lovely day and it will be worth the stress and time you're putting into it.
    This is a tough time of year and I think a lot of us are feeling overwhelmed in one way or another. You're not alone!!

  3. Congrats on the new spin bike! Sorry you are so overwhelmed with all your planning, but I'm sure it will be so worth it in the end!

  4. a new spin bike, WOOOHOOO!

    I would probably be lost on it without being in a class with a teacher...

    a 400 person wedding is HUGE wow! no wonder it's so stressful. but I am sure that it is going to be so beautiful and amazing!