Thursday, January 27, 2011

Going Back to a year!

What a day it has been! Sometimes at the end of the day, literally I could just crash for the night. Getting up to workout early, teaching eight year olds all day, by the time 3:00 hits I am ready to call it a night!
So I have applied to a grad program and I found out today that I got accepted! The program is pretty much awesome, I would take some courses in the summer, one in the fall, one in the spring, and then some more courses the following summer. The nicest deal about this package is that it is completly paid for and this would raise my pay. WAHOO! The only downer is that the program does not start until the summer of 2012. I just had my hopes on returning to school this summer, but I will take what I can get :)
Well I made it up bright and early to hit the gym today:
4 miler on tredmill-pace about 6.1-6.4 completed in 40 minutes (yes I am a slow 10 minute miler!)
10 minute cool down on bike followed by a moderate upper body workout of bis and tris
I will have to say that I did lift legs on Tuesday and noticed that I was still sore today which complicated my run. I have a desire to go "balls to the wall," when it comes to both running and lifting. I am now reconsidering my training schedule and thinking this might work starting next week:
Monday: Run (4 miles as scheduled on my plan) plus high rep lighter shoulders and chest
Tuesday: Run (intervals-3 miles) lower body lift high rep lighter
Wednesday-cross train on bike and P90x ab ripper (have yet to try this, boyfriend just ordered it!)
Thursday-Run (4 miles) full body light workout
Saturday-long run

As you can see I like to have my weekends free, and I get done with my long run Saturday morning so I have the day to spend with my boyfriend and friends. I can never really commit to much on Sunday, sometimes I can fit in a workout but this is rarely true. I am still young and like to have a little fun on Saturday nights! I am going to try this next week, as of now I am taking off Wednesday and have been lifting on Fridays, but this leaves me a little off for my long runs on Saturday.
I can say one thing, I am not good with training plans, I think it is the idea of committing to something that scares that heck out of me lol.
In other aspects of my life, my boyfriend Craig surprised me with getting a puppy. We are going to look at them tonight, and I will for sure post some pics of these cute little darlings. They will not be ready until V-day, perfect gift, and they are Golden Retrivers, which I love!
I spose I should grade some papers, I am hoping to get some pics of some of my meals up here soon :)

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